Lifetime Achievement Award

Statement of Purpose

The Board of Directors of the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California may, at its discretion, each year bestow upon an individual or individuals its "Lifetime Achievement Award".

The purpose of the "Lifetime Achievement Award" is to honor broadcast (radio & television) journalists whose:

The Board will present the "Lifetime Achievement Award" to the recipient(s) at the Annual Golden Mike Awards® Dinner in January of each year. In contrast to the Golden Mikes, which are a competitive, juried award given for individual excellence in a particular year, the "Lifetime Achievement Award" is not a competition.

The Board invites nominations for the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from RTNA members, news directors, news professionals, and the news departments of stations, bureaus, networks, etc.. The Board will announce each year a deadline for submission of nominations for consideration, usually June 1st. Nominations are advisory only, and no announcement of nominees will be made. Each year the Board may or may not elect to confer any award(s).

RTNA will provide a Nomination Form to be available on its website ( or by mail upon request. In addition to the information requested on the form, nominators should also include: a 1 or 2 page letter explaining why this individual is worthy of this recognition; a resume or short biography detailing the nominee's career experience and accomplishments; and letters of support from individuals, organizations, or news operations.

In the event a particular individual is selected by the Board, nominators may be requested to provide a 3-6 minute audio or video compilation presentation of the nominee's work. Nominators whose nominees are not recognized in any given year are encouraged to resubmit in subsequent years.

The "Lifetime Achievement Award" reinforces the Radio & Television News Association's continuing efforts to reward excellence and individual achievement in broadcast journalism.

Lifetime Achievement Award